You Need A Social Media Strategy

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Creating a social media strategy is a skill and exercise that can help your business grow using your social channels. If you’re trying to learn how to do it on your own, it can be time-consuming and confusing. Therefore, many small businesses choose not to have one. The ThinkinCircles recruitment marketing mentorship program can help you, but if you’re looking to do it on your own here are some ideas of how you can.


What’s a social media strategy?

A social media strategy is essentially a plan that guides you to reach prospective clients and turn them into leads and fans of your business and services.


Do I need a social media strategy?

You need a social media strategy if:

  • You get stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to creating content for your business.
  • Are unsure of what topics or subjects to post about.
  • Wish you had a bank of ideas and messaging you can refer to.
  • You want a system for building original post that speak to your ideal customer.
  • You want your social media channels to generate leads.


How can a strategy help me?

A social media strategy can I help you create post faster, and to understand your customer. It ensures that your posts aligned with each other, and that they help you work towards your business goals. The strategy ensures that the posts speak to customers or clients and help you build a better relationship with your social media followers. This is because as you deliver more campaigns that are designed around your services, your posts grow to form a cohesive message about your company and the services you offer.

Social media channels broadcast your image to the world. It is important to see each channel as a pillar, and each post as a brick within that structure. The posts have to align and correspond with each other to help you build your online presence, to ensure your channels stand together. Mismatching or inconsistent messages and posts will confuse potential clients and make your channels seem unprofessional and uncoordinated.


So, how do I start?

A good place to start is with my mind map, put ‘social media strategy’ in the centre and branch off each of your social media channels. Set three aims that you want your social media channels to help you achieve, for each aim set three goals that will help you achieve that.

Assess which channel best resonates with the goals, then brainstorm the type of content you’d like to produce. Once you know the content you want to create, it is just a matter of creating it. A social media calendar can I help you to coordinate when to release each campaign, and how the campaigns will best play off each other. 


How can ThinkinCircles help me?

We have 10 years of experience in the field of recruitment marketing, and we can channel our accumulated knowledge to help your business grow. Our team here, at ThinkinCircles, can not only put together your social media strategy, but also execute and manage its every aspect. Don’t hesitate to reach out via email or book a call to get a free consultation. 

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