Why SME Recruitment companies should outsource their marketing

Outsourcing is nothing new to the recruitment industry, in fact in some areas it is a permanent feature.

Why? A highly competitive, dare we say often nearly saturated, marketplace demands that recruitment businesses are constantly having to look to drive down operating costs, increase productivity and win the battle for the best talent and of course this is in addition to having to do the ‘day job’ as well!

It’s tough out there, and the simple truth is that outsourcing their marketing needs affords a recruitment business the option of focusing their talents and resources on their core activities, confident that an ‘expert’, with the right knowledge and experience is looking after this other key area.

Of course we would say that as we are specialists in marketing for recruitment agencies, but it really is very easy to make a case for recruitment companies to outsource their marketing.

It offers unparalleled flexibility
The flexibility outsourcing can offer is a game changer. A recruitment business is totally free to outsource all or part of their marketing, or equally it could be simply a one off project.
The key is to find the balance for your recruitment business where outsourcing offers the potential to look further beyond and focus on the quality of the core services you offer.

You get experts
Frankly what are the chances of a SME recruitment company being able to employ a marketing team that can cover everything from strategy analysis, blogging and copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Management (SMM), and that’s just for starters.
There are of course all the short term marketing needs a recruitment business has when hiring an employee just isn’t practical or the important marketing activities that require a specific skill-set, experience, or the latest technologies and methods.

Marketing agencies use the latest technology for marketing solutions and hence can implement the newest strategies and have the skills to coordinate the process.
Outsourcing their marketing needs allows a recruitment business to only pay for what they need whilst being able to access the best talent from the market that would normally be outside their reach in terms of investment.

Outsourcing helps cut costs
Reducing costs is always a priority for recruitment companies and most SMEs in the market can not afford the extra costs of hiring a specialist marketing team. The result is that existing staff efficiency is impacted by the increase non-core tasks; ensuring they aren’t as focused as they need to be on growing the business.
By outsourcing their marketing a recruitment business can adapt their resource levels according to business needs with a greatly reduced risk of them employing unnecessary staff when things become quieter, or conversely, be without key staff when business is strong

Able to concentrate on their core business
With marketing outsourced a recruitment business is without the distraction or interference of other key tasks and allows the employees to use their talents and experience in their specialised area.

You can expect quality results
We marketing folk know one thing for sure, there is always another agency who will be willing to work with your clients.
We understand the power and need for excellent customer service, great communication and the best results possible, all whilst never compromising on quality: we are highly motivated to get it right.

You get more objectivity
Those not personally attached to the business will almost always offer more objectivity, as well as a completely fresh new perspective.

There is no need to tip toe around criticism of a marketing agency’s work:
We can take it on the chin!

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