Why employee learning and development is so important to recruiters and candidates?

It’s difficult to think of an area of talent management more overlooked than learning and development.
Yes, some organisations are good at it when they can see direct benefits for themselves.
However, it is still rare to see employers investing in shaping the future direction of their employees’ careers, by offering them the best learning and development opportunities.
Unfortunately, few organisations actually realise that by ignoring it, or at best seeing it as an afterthought, the consequence is that they will not be seen as an employer of choice by either recruiters or candidates.
Ultimately, these organisations will pay a very high price: the loss of top talent.
Having a strong and successful employee learning and development plan helps to grow an organisation’s employer brand and ensures they are a prime consideration for recruiters and candidates alike.
A commitment to these areas is transmitted into the career marketplace, including to job seekers and recruiters, by means of positive feedback by current and past employees.
Increasingly, an organisation will be recognised by recruiters who seek to place ambitious candidates with them, on the strength of their employer brand and the quality of their learning and development offering.
The simple fact is that today’s employees care a great deal about professional development and want to develop more skills. It really is essential to make your organisation stand out by making the professional development of your employees a top priority.
Especially as 60% of millennials would rather work somewhere that offered professional development opportunities than somewhere that offered regular pay raises. Yet according to research only 25% of employees feel as though their current employers offer adequate development opportunities.
Plus, it’s not just about attracting the best candidates, it can also have an impact on retaining current employees as well, as aLinkedIn study found that a primary reason people leave their jobs is in pursuit of growth opportunities.
In addition to helping retain staff and make you an employer of choice for both recruiters and employees, having a learning and development plan has numerous other benefits, including:

  • Improved productivity and adherence to quality standards allowing you to be more competitive due to efficient use of time and materials and improved customer satisfaction
  • Employees develop skill sets that allow them to undertake a greater variety of work helping increase morale and lower staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Improved ability to implement and realise specific goals outlined in a company’s business plan and increase market share and profitability
  • Increased ability to respond effectively to change

I think we can all agree that learning and development isn’t just important to a business, it is vital.

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