The importance of customer experience and mystery shopping

As businesses continue to try and thrive in these challenging times many focus their efforts on innovating, creating new products and growing their customer base – makes perfect sense yes?

Of course, it does but all that effort can be for nothing if a business also forgets to focus on how valuable customer experience is to consumers.

Ultimately, for a business who competes in a market where there is little to differentiate themselves from the competition, especially on price and quality, it is the customer experience that will make a business stand out and be successful.

The level of satisfaction a customer feels after an experience with your business can mean the difference between your clients remembering your brand in a positive light and choosing to do business with you again or them choosing to forget that you even exist or worse they share their negative experience with their peers.

Customer experience really is important to consumers. According to a leading study conducted by American Express, the majority of those surveyed stated that they spent more time doing business with a company that provides an excellent customer experience.

Plus, a significant 78% of consumers would rather choose to drop a purchase than deal with a business that gives them an awful customer experience. Additionally, 70% of the participants were okay with spending an average of 13% more on companies that offer a first-rate customer experience.

But how does a business measure and improve the level of the customer experience they deliver?

One way is mystery shopping, a process in which pre-recruited and qualified consumers measure the extent to which a customer’s interactions with a business mirror the experiences the business intends.

It offers a direct route for businesses to really look inside the customer experience they provide and truly gauge customer satisfaction.

The information a mystery shopper provides can be utilised to review a businesses’ processes and practices pinpointing the things a business needs to improve on and the areas the business excels in.

By providing an unbiased customer response to their experience the information mystery shoppers provide can then be used to help the company improve what it does in the future and deliver more of what consumers want to receive.

Mystery shopping is a powerful marketing tool which directly helps companies get better at what they do, which can translate into more sales and increased brand loyalty.

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