The cloud of content: creation v’s curation

When it comes to  building a brand online we know content is king. The more useful, informative entertaining content you can disseminate the better for you brand.
But is it better to create content yourself, curate what others have written or a mixture?


  • Creating you own content has an inherent authenticity
  • You have control.You can post/write about anything you feel is relevant.
  • Creating enough content to gain traction will be time consuming or expensive if outsourced
  • Do you have the skills to write engaging and informative content?


  • Curating existing content takes a fraction of the time than creating it
  • Numerous resources are available to collect, curate and distribute content. (, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon…)
  • Is far cheaper (if not free) to curate than create
  • Lacks the authenticity of creation
  • Disseminating others content can ingratiate you with the originator

Being a small business I made a conscious decision that i wouldn’t/couldn’t generate lots of original content. So i have primarily gone down the curation route, using, twitter and facebook, but for larger business I’d always advice to generate as much original content as possible.

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