The advantages of short term online marketing campaigns

Evolving a marketing plan takes time and is one of the most important tasks a business can do to ensure its success and sustainability.
It is a step-by-step process that includes identifying and defining your online marketing strategies, both short term and long term.
Why have two strategies? Frankly, because whilst yes, it’s certainly important to plan for the future success of your business, the simple truth is that without focus on the short term your business might not be around long enough for your long term plans to come to fruition!
The key is to find a perfect balance of the two and with the right balance you can soon see results soar.

So, what’s the difference between short term and long term online marketing campaigns?
In a nutshell, long term online marketing activities are all those things which don’t have an end date and can take several months or even years to achieve.
Short term online marketing activities, on the other hand, are those which have a shelf life and a natural end and are started and completed within days or weeks.
Obviously, the goal is that your short term online marketing activities will support and enhance your long term goals and feed into the wider strategy.

So, what are the advantages of short term online marketing campaigns?

They inform!

The purchasing patterns of modern buyers continue to constantly change and often there are multiple ‘contacts’ needed before a purchase is made.
Short term online marketing campaigns are best utilised to segment your existing contacts and help to filter out those who are currently interested and those who aren’t, so that you can further persuade.

They create an immediate demand

Short term online marketing campaigns are also ideal for standalone product launch campaigns or a highly targeted Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign to target a key account.

They persuade

Every business has potential customers in their sales funnel who do intend to make a purchase but haven’t made their final decision yet.
Short term online marketing campaigns, such as a special pricing campaign over a set period of time, can be used to persuade and trigger an action.

They remind

Short term online marketing campaigns are also perfect to help remind potential customers of the value of your products or services such as after you have held a webinar.

They allow for constant analysis

As with any marketing activity it is so important to decide beforehand what success will look like for you.
Do you want an immediate increase in profits or a certain number of new leads or sales? By utilising short term online marketing campaigns you can quickly see what has worked and what hasn’t, which helps you make the most informed decisions about future campaigns.

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