Silver lining

Lights go out; all PC’s shut down…Power cut! This is going to equal no work and lost business…This happens quiet a lot you know!…Solution?
A lot of more work at the moment revolves around moving business into ‘The Cloud’.
It’s rare that I now find people opposed to working ‘in’ The Cloud but few companies have taken the step and moved their entire business into The Cloud.
So as a quick remind of why this is something you need to consider…

  • No more Server upgrades
  • No more call out fees
  • less IT equipment
  • Easily step up new users
  • Easily open new offices (anywhere)
  • Access your data from anywhere

I personally work completely in The Cloud, mostly using Google (Docs, Gmail, Calendar etc…). It has changed they way i work, meaning that i can on the move from my Android phone or set up my desk at a clients office…All i need is an Internet connection.

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