Should You Be Using Discord For Your Business?

What is discord? How do I use it? Isn’t it for gamers?

Discord is one of the most organised platforms, with servers (groups) that can have multiple chats, and voice/video chats all in one place. Personal information, such as your mobile number and email, are not needed to add people on Discord. It is available on desktop and on mobile phone. Therefore, there is an opportunity to keep your work life on either your laptop or phone, or both.

What is a server?

A server is like a group page, where up to 250,000 people can be added. Within that server there are many text channels which are essentially group chats, that will be named according to their use. For example there may be a text channel called “events” where people can discuss meeting up, another text channel could be called “memes” where people just post memes, and another channel called voice chat which is where people may want to post things that are relevant to the call they are in, without confusing anyone else who isn’t within that call. Alongside the text channels there are also voice channels. This is where you can join others in a call, either just through microphone,or through camera if desired.

Within the servers, people can be given different roles where they can gain access to different channels that only certain members can view.

Roles could include:

Admin- a person who has access to the entire server, has the ability to add and remove members, and control the community rules of that server. Admin may have created channels that only certain members can be a part of, these will usually be channels that discuss the rules and wellbeing of the community in that server.

Moderator- someone who oversees all of the text and voice channels and makes sure that everyone is being respectful, and will escalate any issues to those who are in admin.

General Role- can see channels that the admin has allowed them to see, this allows them to post in the majority of the channels. This would be a person who joined the server to be part of the community.

What makes Discord stand out?

Within Discord, you can share multiple screens at once in HD in which, as a viewer, you can choose what streams you want to watch, whether it’s just one or a few at the same time, which can be very useful if you’re working collaboratively.

Automatic updates can be applied to give reminders for schedules and event planning, which is all integrated into Discord with addons. It is recommended to complete this action with Discord Nitro, which is a paid service for Discord. However, this is also doable with the free version of Discord with the addons.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a subscription to Discord which gives you a few perks. The great thing about Nitro is that just one person in the company could subscribe to Nitro, and it would give a handful of the perks to the rest of the people within that server.

The perks on Discord Nitro include:

Boosting servers
Event planning with reminders
100mb upload size
HD video streaming
4000 character cap per message
Custom stickers


Within a company, Discord would allow you to organise all of the different elements that your company has within one space. At ThinkinCircles, our team can help those conversations you have on Discord into a reality. With 10 years of experience in the field of recruitment marketing, we can channel our accumulated knowledge to help your business grow. Don’t hesitate to reach out via email or book a call to get a free consultation.


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