Podcast inception, creation, and management mede easy with ThinkinCircles

Have you considered podcasts as an advertising medium? Whether you are in the 'start up', 'grow up' , or 'scale up' phase of business growth, having a podcast can bring a great level of awareness about your business.

If you are looking to build and keep a captive audience, a podcast is what you’ve been missing. Hearing someone’s voice is a personal experience, so there is something about this medium that feels more intimate than any other form of content marketing, which is why it yields a deeper connection between your business and the listener. The confidence you instil when you impart your knowledge and expertise through the podcast works to establish you as a leader and authority in the recruitment space, and empowers your audience to interact with your services because you have built up faith through your presence.

ThinkinCircles has over three years of experience running its weekly episodes of The Marketing Rules Podcast with guests from all areas of the recruitment industry. After seeing the ROI, ThinkinCircles is offering a podcast service to our clients. The podcast strategy we’ll develop together will determine the best content for your audience, keep you consistent with recording and publishing, as well as establish how to promote and manage the social posts around it.

The Marketing Rules Podcast from ThinkinCircles

The podcast for anyone wanting to know more about the latest innovations in recruiting, marketing and HR Tech.
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Marketing Rules Podcast

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