Predicting new verticals for digital recruitment

Forecasts are never easy; forecasting employment (and unemployment) is even harder; and predicting what will happen in a narrow niche like digital recruitment can seem all but impossible.
With that in mind, let’s look at some even more specific verticals within digital recruitment itself, and highlight some of the trends that are likely to lead to new job opportunities in 2014 and beyond.
First up, the beleaguered finance sector is coming back to life and, as this phoenix rises from the ashes of the recession, there is evidence to suggest the banks are finally embracing new technologies in order to win back customers.

Datamonitor Financial reports the launch of Zapp, a service to enable mobile purchases to be made in bricks-and-mortar stores, which is expected to become available in September 2014.
Some 18 million UK consumers will have access to the service at launch, as it is being integrated by HSBC (and its online equivalent First Direct), Metro Bank, Santander and Nationwide.
The app allows shoppers to check their bank balance at the point of purchase, and use funds from a different account if desirable or necessary, and could help to bring banking apps to the forefront of everyday budgeting.
As well as helping the banks, this could be good news for retailers too, who already saw a strong Christmas season in 2013.
Mintel report that mixed-goods retailers saw trading up by 38% in December, even higher than pure-play internet retailers like Amazon.

This serves as a reminder that e-commerce roles are not only about web design, but extend as far as integrating click-and-collect services into bricks-and-mortar locations.
And with customer service underpinning all of this, apps like Zapp are a very practical extension of a trend that has been shaping digital recruitment in the finance and retail sectors for some time – the rise of social media, online reputation management, and app-based marketing.

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