Phablets could create new routes to digital recruitment ads

Having big hands could give candidates the edge in finding job vacancies via digital recruitment channels in the years to come.
Absurd as it may sound, having big hands could put you at an advantage in the digital recruitment process as ‘phablets’ become a commonly used category of device.
These devices fall into the grey area between smartphones – which are small enough to cradle in the crook of your fingers – and tablets that rest flat on your palm, lap or desk.

But phablets, commonly defined as having a screen size of around 5-6 inches, occupy the middle ground, meaning that they are likely to prove substantially easier and more efficient to use for individuals with hands big enough to cradle them like smartphones.
Regardless of their ergonomics, these ultraportable communication devices seem set to make a big splash in the years to come, with Windows Phone and Android leading the way as the most widely deployed operating systems.

According to Juniper Research – who set their definition of phablets at a slightly higher screen size of 5.6″ due to the belief that screens of between 5″ and 5.5″ will soon be commonplace among smartphones anyway – around 20 million phablets shipped worldwide in 2013.

By 2018, annual shipments are predicted to reach 120 million units, with recognisable brands like Nokia occupying the top end of the market.
And with rumours of an ‘Apple Phablet’ (dare we predict the name ‘iPhab’??) in the pipeline, this category may still not escape the age-old PC vs. Mac debate, effectively doubling the learning curve for anyone aiming to understand all of the leading brands in the segment.
For those going through the digital recruitment process, phablets are likely to be an even more convenient way to view job ads than existing tablets, while offering higher screen resolutions than smartphones – giving these applicants a small but potentially important edge in the job hunt of the future.

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