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Staffing Future helps recruiters, staffing agencies and search & selection businesses design and build recruitment websites and technology stacks. Driving relevant traffic, conversions and harvesting new business leads, our in house website design creates opportunities and turns them into revenue.

Staffing Future work as an integral part of your team to improve and iterate your business process, drive ROI and revenue by deploying cutting-edge, scalable technology and white hat digital marketing strategies. Client lead generation is increased and fresh business opportunities created to cut time to hire and drive revenue.

All your vacancies are seamlessly pushed automatically up to job aggregators such as Google for Jobs, Indeed, Talent, Neuvoo, Adzuna and other job traffic networks to improve quality of applications in volume. Harnessing AI, Analytics and Automation at scale, Staffing Future takes project lead on 3rd party staffing technology so everything is seamlessly  integrated with your ATS/CRM. Staffing Future consistently iterates and drives your business process forward.

Drive Your Business Forward
To help you better understand how your website is performing, and how you can drive ROI, get a free website design audit and search terms overview courtesy of Think in Circles.

You’ll learn which of your pages are ranking in which position on search engines and for which search terms.  You can then start to plan where you need to focus resources, activity and how you can drive your business in the future.

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Build your brand, grow your network & generate more leads with Paiger.

Our platform helps you discover new opportunities ahead of your competitors and helps to build relationships with candidates and clients on social. We're big believers in your recruiters being the best marketing strategy possible, so we give you the tools to unleash the power of your recruiters and tap into larger networks.

We are used by over 2000+ recruiters and marketers. Formed in 2018 we have been awarded APSCo's Innovation Of The Year in 2019 and TIARA Talent Tech's Marketing Solution Of The Year in 2020 - both recognising us as the solution the recruitment industry needs.

Finally, get your consultants sharing company content. Simple to use. No apps to install. No passwords to remember. Paiger sends your employees an SMS or Email when you want them to share and they can action in one click.

Automatically advertise attractive and engaging jobs on LinkedIn using your provided template. Paiger will overlay the job title and include the image on social to grab your candidate's attention.

Tag your colleagues and company page in your scheduled posts. The only marketing tool that lets you tag your recruiters and pages into your shares on LinkedIn to drive followers and views to your brand. Schedule the 1st comment alongside your post to drive further engagement.

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Just Recruit

Just Recruit provides CRM/ATS functionality on a slick, modern system, with the option of a fully integrated website.

Baffled by extortionate fees for clunky, archaic systems, Just Recruit was created with the belief that the best things don’t need to be the most expensive. With simplicity, intuition and ease-of-use at the heart of our platform alongside exceptional customer service and affordability, you’ll never have to change systems again.

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The Value Advantage

We combine the psychology of sales with customer and data driven insights to solve your strategic pricing challenges.

Are you confident that you get the best price for your service? A professional pricing strategy gives you confidence, and directly improves your profitability.

Through our consultancy work we review your current pricing performance then deliver new pricing and negotiation models.

The Value Advantage Model is the most effective way for small business owners to improve their pricing.

Our interactive workshops inspire and inform your teams to rethink their views on pricing and negotiation.

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Liquid Palladium

What is the worst 25% of the job carried out by your recruiters or back office staff? Often these tasks are mundane, repetitive or rules-based. Think of the time your staff spend doing tasks such as:

  • adding candidate details to your CRM;
  • copying data from one legacy system to another, such a placement data, candidate details, finance information, marketing data and more;
  • performing candidate background checks;
  • replying to frequently asked questions from candidates by email or text;
  • reconciling candidate timesheets and generating client invoices on a weekly basis;
  • scheduling candidate interviews;
  • checking spelling, grammar or bias issues on job adverts before they go live.

Imagine if all of these low value tasks could be taken care of by our ‘digital workers’ – freeing up your staff to focus on higher value, creative or strategic tasks, leading to improved employee engagement and staff retention. How much more productive and profitable could your recruitment business be?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is revolutionising many industries with its tenfold capabilities of performing tasks faster and 100% error free companies to humans. Our RPA technology is quick, non-invasive, low-cost and simple for customers to use. It requires minimum change management and in-house technical skills.

The time to create and deploy a bot is 3-4 weeks (less time than it takes to hire and train a new person). The average cost of a bot is around £2k, far less than it costs to hire a person.  Our bots can replicate your business processes exactly and complete them in a fraction of the time.

Imagine the possibilities of implementing RPA in your recruitment business!

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ARA helps Recruitment Agencies of all shapes and sizes build beautiful applicant brands in seconds.

ARA instantly reformats CVs to a standardised, consistent structure alleviating you and your team of the clunky, mundane task. ARA lets you build as many fully branded templates as necessary helping you, your agency and your applicant stand out. ARA operates on a hybrid model, essentially keeping a Human in the Loop as a backup for those especially tricky CVs - this gives us 100% confidence in the quality of output and 100% assurance that you won’t need to spend any time editing.

Interested to see how ARA can work for you? Book a demo & branding consultation through our website now.


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“Your marketing strategy should be carefully considered, powerful and memorable.”