It’s Time Recruitment Marketers Had A Seat At The Table

On today’s episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast, William Tincup speaks to James Whitelock from ThinkinCircles about recruitment marketing leadership and why it’s time for recruitment marketers to have a seat at the table.

Some Conversation Highlights from the RecruitmentDaily Podcast:

Where do we start when we try to explain this to our leadership, the structure of how things should work?

This whole thing about having marketing have a seat at the table, that’s exactly what recruitment marketing needs to be. When you look outside of recruitment and HR, most businesses kind of take marketing quite seriously. And it’s one of the kind of considerations they have right at the conception or when they get to a stage where they’re big enough and they need to then to start to grow their brand. And when I say a seat at the table, it means someone at director level, really someone who’s around the board table, you can drive this type of strategy from the top down. Traditionally, within recruitment, it doesn’t happen that way. Recruitment is so kind of sales focused, the actual marketing that kind of gets sidelined basically.

So really what we’re talking about is someone who can interact with every level of the business, at different parts of the business and understand them, but from a marketing perspective, right? And by that, I mean, how are you going to talk to your different audiences? What’s the message that’s going to be in front of those people? How are you going to kind of convert them? What’s the journey these people take? What is it you think they need? Where do you add value beyond that kind of transactional affair that we usually have within recruitment, which is, “Well, we’re going to charge you to find this candidate to place into this role.” There’s more to it now, right? There’s much more to how recruitment works. Everyone listening I’m sure would know this, but to do that, marketeers need to be much further near the top and kind of get beyond this stage of the colouring in the department, which is the kind usual kind of joke that’s thrown in the marketeer’s way.

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