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Launching Your Inbound Recruitment Marketing Strategy 

Launching inbound marketing campaigns doesn’t need to be a daunting task with ThinkinCircles. We understand that every campaign will have many moving parts, but more than that, the success of any inbound marketing campaign is based on the work you put in before you launch. An inbound marketing plan can be compared to a rocket launch, it can take weeks or months of preparation and planning before launch day. Think of it like a rocket shooting into space; “Basically, you can’t launch unless you can land, [...] For each possible landing site, his team monitors conditions like cloud ceiling height, visibility, cross-wind speed and location of nearby thunderstorms.”[1].

ThinkinCircles will work with you to build your inbound marketing plan so that when you set your campaign in motion you will have covered all the bases.

What Does An Inbound Marketing Launch Plan involve?

Website Audit
A website audit is the crucial first step for you to understand how your site is performing. Audits can offer recruitment businesses online growth as they identify ways that your site can be optimized to better serve your customers.

Keyword Research
Do you know what keywords you should be ranking for? Our keyword research will guide you.

Competitor Analysis
You’ll know your competitors, but have you performed a SWOT analysis on them. Do you know what weaknesses you could exploit? Or the strengths that you could learn from? Our approach to competitor analysis will help with exactly that.

Social Media Research
ThinkinCircles' approach to social media research will allow you to better understand the conversations that are happening with your clients, candidates and competitors.

Persona Creation
No two people are the same, but with our support ThinkinCircles will help you better understand your customer's motivations by examining your customer data and building bespoke personas that will help you create the right message that will engage.

Setting Goals & KPIs
Every marketing plan should always have goals and KPIs. Defining these correctly can make the difference between success and failure.

Video Marketing
As digital marketing has evolved so has the way that we engage with customers. 81% of businesses now use video marketing as a component of their marketing strategy. Are you one of them?

LinkedIn Tips and Hacks
There are 760 Million LinkedIn users globally. ThinkinCircles will teach you how to make the most of this valuable resource.

Results Analysis
ThinkinCircles will then walk you through the results of your campaign and help you analyse the results.

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