How WhatsApp Web can revolutionise recruitment

The internet has transformed the nature of the recruitment industry irreversibly, but as web technology – and particularly mobile technology – continues to evolve, the opportunities for recruiters continue to emerge too.
One of the big developments of this year so far is the release of WhatsApp Web, a web-based version of the popular free messaging and file transfer smartphone application WhatsApp.

The app itself allows you to send messages, photos, video and audio to other users for free, via your smartphone, and WhatsApp Web is simply a desktop client that pairs with your phone (it is not a standalone web-based version of the application). Visit on your computer, open the web client, and scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone to pair the two devices, and you can then send and receive messages via your computer, a much easier option for office-based recruiters.

When you do need to go out to a meeting, all your messages are already synchronised to your phone, so you won’t be leaving anything behind. For recruiters, it’s a great way to message candidates and check that they are en route to interviews and running on time, as well as to send simple files like destination maps and so on. You will need a smartphone with WhatsApp installed, and obviously the usual data charges apply; Internet Explorer is not supported at all, but the main other desktop web browsers are.

WhatsApp also say “we will not be able to provide web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations” – although that relates to Mac computers as opposed to iPhones, for which the mobile app is available.

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