How content creation can build your brand

The internet has of course revolutionised the whole process of recruitment, making it all but essential to have at least some kind of online presence, but how do you go about maximising your visibility and the positive impact your online presence has on your brand? One decision you need to make is curation vs. creation, or a combination of the two, and this falls into two broad categories:

  • Curation means featuring third-party news headlines, linking to interesting blog posts, or liking and retweeting other users’ social media updates
  • Creation means publishing your own news and blogs, as well as generating social media updates and related media like images, infographics and so on

We have been talking about the value in each approach since early 2012, and there is still plenty of merit in each method today. In terms of brand-building though, which method offers the greatest level of authority or ‘voice’?

Curating content from other publishers is a good way to get started, making it ideal for small businesses that perhaps do not have in-house editorial capacity. But remember, when you simply repost other users’ social media updates or link to their blogs, you are amplifying their voice, and not your own. In turn, anyone who follows the links you post to pages on other websites and social networking profiles is ultimately driven away from you, and to the original publisher instead. However, having a visible online presence in this way is still better than no presence at all; it shows you are on the pulse of your industry, and lets you test the audience reaction to certain topics so you can decide where you stand on them.

As your brand grows, it is natural to progress towards creating content of your own, and this is where you can really begin to apply your branding directly. You can publish coherent content with a clear tone of voice, which supports your own agenda or fits perfectly into the particular niche market you recruit for, and so on. Larger companies tend to have greater content output – and ThinkinCircles can provide the training and mentoring your staff need to begin producing website posts and social media updates with the right tone and authority. If all you have done up until now is circulated other people’s content, it might be time to consider taking that next step, improving your brand perceptions, overall visibility, and your search and social presence too.

From 25/2/2012:

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