Google for Jobs finally arrives in the UK

After Google secured the content from several major UK recruitment services, including Totaljobs, Reed, Guardian Jobs and Haymarket, as well as global sites including Glassdoor and LinkedIn, they have launched their UK version of their job hunting search tool: Google for Jobs.
The goal of Google for Jobs is to stop job seekers from having to sift through numerous results from different job sites, in order to find the role they are looking for.
As well as the major job listing sites Google for Jobs also highlights the content of thousands of smaller, niche and specialist sites and lists the newest and most relevant jobs on offer based on the location of the user and the keywords they have entered.

So, what are the benefits of Google for Jobs?
For the user the key benefit is the ability to search in one place for jobs from all over the internet. For the job sites and employers whose job roles appear on the site, the major benefit is that they can use the power of the Google brand to get their jobs exposed to as many potential candidates as possible, free of charge.
For both groups Google for Jobs offers some unique “search smarts” over other sites, including the ability for job seeks to carry out one search to find similar jobs listed under different titles, for example: programmer, software engineer and developer.
A major frustration for job seekers, the ambiguity and discrepancies over job titles can lead to users having to make multiple searches, with multiple keywords, as employers call the same job role by many different titles. Google for Jobs has improved the user’s experience by making this now unnecessary.
Additionally, by utilising Google Map’s data and its location tracking services users are able to see the length of time it will take to commute, and you can search for specifics such as “jobs near me” or “baker jobs near me”.
Users can also search for jobs on their phone and save them to apply later on a desktop computer, you can also save a certain job search on your phone and then access it again later on a computer or save a search term to set up Gmail alerts.
Another feature which is sure to be popular with job seekers is the ability for users to rate and review the employer who is recruiting, providing invaluable information about the strengths and weaknesses of the business as an employer of choice.
The cost to third party sites placing their listings on Goggle for Jobs is currently free of charge, although many in the industry see a time when they charge for job listings and other premium services.

Currently on Google for Jobs, when a job seeker finds a job they are interested in applying for they click on the listing and are taken back to the third party site to apply for the position there, however whether this will stay the same in the future is still to be seen.
It is however this particular feature that Google themselves have said shows their commitment to not destroy sites like Indeed or Reed and that they are fully committed to encouraging any employer or job seeking platform to access its guidelines on how to mark up their listings and appear in the new search experience.
However, not everyone is willing to share their data with Google for Jobs, in particular Indeed. The world’s most popular job searching platform, with more than 200 million unique visitors a month, has taken the bold decision not to currently partner with Google for Jobs, resulting in links to Indeed pages appearing further down Google for Jobs’ results pages.
One thing is for sure, even if you don’t like all aspects of Google for Jobs it is working towards making job searching a more seamless, simpler and pleasurable experience for job seekers and offers advanced efficiency for recruiters; which can never be a bad thing.

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