Facebook Custom Audiences let you speak to the converted

Just because somebody makes a purchase from you, it’s no reason to stop advertising to them – and as we all know, much of the most ardent marketing is made by big brands to their existing customer base, offering upsells and contract renewals, and so on.
With Facebook Custom Audiences, it is easy to find the Facebook profiles of your existing customers, using simply their telephone number or email address, and you can then serve ads to their news feed or right-hand column on the social network. To do this, go to Facebook Adverts Manager and click the Audiences tab, and then the Create Audience button, followed by Customer List. Upload a list of telephone numbers or email addresses – it can be in .csv format or simply a plain .txt file, so no special formatting is needed.

Facebook will automatically match up the data with registered users’ telephone numbers and email addresses, and about 30 minutes later your Custom Audience will be ready. You can now serve ads solely to people on that list – and can still narrow your target audience further by age, gender, location and so on.

If you follow the same steps, but select Lookalike Audience in the Create Audience wizard, you can use your Custom Audience to discover even more users who closely match the profiles of those who have already bought from you – helping you to identify a larger but still highly relevant target audience.


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