Facebook CTA buttons and LinkedIn company page notifications

Facebook Call to Action buttons launched in the US at the end of 2014 and reached the UK at the beginning of this year, giving businesses the chance to create customised calls to action using seven predefined buttons:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Use App
  • Watch Video

The CTA typically appears at the top of the business page, alongside the Like button, and can be linked through to any destination, either on or off of Facebook. Setting up a CTA button is simple – go to your page’s cover photo and look for the ‘Create Call-to-Action’ button, and follow the instructions. CTAs are coming elsewhere too, such as in ads and potentially in hover cards, and Facebook are working with a small group of charities to create Donation CTAs.

Meanwhile, over at LinkedIn, the new LinkedIn Company Pages Notification Center makes it easier for company page managers to track their social interactions. It’s an uncharacteristically bright page for the usually blue-collar social network, with colour-coded sections for Likes, Comments, Shares and Mentions of your page updates.
You’ll have a single unified view of all your updates’ interactions, including comments left on your pages and mentions of them elsewhere on LinkedIn – and you can respond to them and be identified as a company representative when you do so.
It’s a way to not only track what’s going on more easily, but also to make sure you respond appropriately to all mentions and interactions, whether positive or negative, and manage the perception of your brand across LinkedIn’s business network.

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