Employer branding for recruitment agencies

In today’s employment market, “employer branding” can mean the difference between attracting the best candidates into a role, and seeing those talented individuals take a job elsewhere based on a rival company’s reputation.

Employer branding is a little different from direct branding for marketing purposes, as it is all about what you can offer to those who choose to work for you, rather than those who are your customers, but many of the same principles apply, and that ranges from demonstrating the history and heritage of your brand, to the stability and growth prospects of your company, for employees who hope to work for you for a long time to come.

For recruitment agencies, building a positive employer brand is equally important, whether you build on an existing positive reputation for a well-known employer, or start from scratch in trying to make a new opportunity sound more appealing to the best candidates on your books.

A useful thought experiment in this area is to imagine the job advertisement cannot name the employer – which is often the case anyway – and how you would go about describing the company in anonymous but positive terms.

This can help to identify the positive aspects of the employer company, which can in turn form the basis for employer branding efforts when communicating with potential candidates about vacancies within that firm.

Benefits derived from this can be far-reaching in a surprisingly broad range of industries, as a candidate attracted by the employer brand can be more likely to start enthusiastically in their new role and to be more engaged over the long term.

Just one example of this in early 2017 is an article in the British Food Journal which looks at employer branding and employee engagement in the pub sector, as a way to improve interactions between employees and customers and leave visitors to the venue with a more positive lasting impression.

The principles here apply equally well across any customer-facing role, as well as in B2B businesses and in interactions between colleagues, making a strong employer brand and good employee engagement valuable characteristics of any recruitment drive.

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