Do we still need The World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web (The Web) and The Internet are used interchangeably, but technically they aren’t the same thing.
The Web is the system to link documents through a single protocol (usually websites) HTTP, The Internet is the system that carries these documents, plus emails and tweets etc…and uses many different protocols

With the emergence of Apps, Augmented reality and social networking, where you don’t have to use a (traditional) browser and content is simply served to you based on location, recommendation, history, preferences, where every device you own can connect to the internet, with never the hint of ever seeing a website…do we still need www. at all?

Maybe this is more of a do we still need websites question?

The future of the internet and The World Wide Web won’t be through PC’s and laptops but through smart TV’s, hand held devices and wearable devices, where does fit into that future?

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