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Digital Strategy

Wikipedia describes Digital Strategy as:
‘digital strategy is the process of specifying an organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives in order to maximize the business benefits digital investments and efforts provide to the organization.’

ThinkinCircles believe any Digital Strategy needs to cover your entire business and should include everyone in your business. Too many business strategies work in isolation and are inefficient as a consequence. ADigital Strategy can bring these dispirit strategies together under one heading as well as moving the business forward on to the internet, opening up a new world of possibilities from cloud computing to social media.
A good Digital Strategy is delivered by technology but is driven by people!

A Digital Strategy should be…

  • about focusing engagement
  • about Interaction, personalisation and customisation
  • not just about social media!
  • not just about IT
  • to include all parts of your business

Having a Digital Strategy will…

  • be more cost effective than traditional ways of working
  • increase revenue
  • increase the reach of your brand
  • make your business efficient
  • make your business more agile and adaptable