Digital recruitment can find leading-edge candidates

Digital recruitment can help you to tap into the next generation of candidates, who have grown up with access to technologies their parents would never have dreamed possible.
The sheer pace of IT development is one of the reasons why new employment opportunities are continually being created – five years ago there were no such things as app developers, for instance – so whatever niche you are involved in, there’s a good chance of new roles being created in the near future.
But to attract the best people into these roles, you might want to make sure your search is reaching candidates who are young enough to view modern technologies as second nature or, if of an older generation (because we wouldn’t want to be ageist!), are early adopters.

And if you reach out to such individuals, you will be benefiting from the way in which young people adopt technology, as highlighted in a recent blog post by Ipsos MediaCT’s research manager Tom Cross.

Writing for social, marketing and media blog The Wall, he explained that the current generation of thirtysomethings were among the first to regularly use text messaging as a means of instant text-based communication over mobile phones.
“I was about 16 when texting seemed to really take off amongst my friends, which felt like pretty good timing,” he writes. “To text was to be privy to a secret form of communication that only our generation could properly understand.”

Now, a new generation of younger smartphone users are seeing their own messaging revolution, not via SMS or MMS, but through apps that allow instant messaging using images or even video.
In some cases the transmitted messages quickly self-destruct, making for a relatively secure or ‘private’ method of communication – or at least, one that is perceived as such.
But with six in ten UK adults now owning a smartphone – up from four in ten in 2012 – widespread adoption of such apps could be in the pipeline.
This should ultimately remove any concerns of ageism in digital recruitment, while increasing the pool of candidates with the necessary messaging skills to make the most of whatever apps and methods are available to them in the years to come.

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