Deloitte gamify the recruitment process

Gamification has been a buzzword in business for a few years already, but Deloitte’s latest recruitment method perhaps takes it more literally than ever before.
Deloitte have partnered with ‘recruitment-focused software developer’ Arctic Shores to create Firefly Freedom, which on the surface looks like the kind of smartphone gaming app you might use to while away a half-hour commute on public transport, but in fact, by playing the game for 20-30 minutes, candidates for Deloitte’s BrightStart Business Apprenticeship programme must make certain decisions, which in turn gives an insight into their way of thinking.
An impressive 3,000 data points are collected throughout the game, mapping the candidate’s personality in a way that would be impossible through interview or academic achievement alone.

Rob Fryer, head of student recruitment at Deloitte, said: “We are already beginning to see the direct impact of this technology. A student who participated in ASPIRE, our work experience programme for students from less privileged backgrounds, measured one of the highest scores ever seen for the potential to innovate.
This is exactly the sort of person we hoped the game would help us identify. The old recruitment process would have been less suited to this person, but they possess the skills Deloitte needs.

The innovation is part of a move away from purely academic assessment of candidates – and follows Deloitte’s decision to disguise the name of the college or university attended by applicants, to avoid unconscious bias when interviewing alumni of prestigious institutions.
Does it mean a first-class degree no longer matters? Not necessarily – after all, the type of personality who excels in academia will often be the type to exhibit strong decision-making when playing the game.
However, it levels the playing field for those who might not have performed to their full potential at university, opening the door to a lucrative career for reformed underachievers.

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