Why cybersecurity in online marketing is so important

When it comes to online marketing many of us are guilty of downplaying the importance of cybersecurity. Sadly, in our experience, companies only realise how much they rely on their website, social media accounts, payment portals, intranet and email to do business when they lose access to them.

Viruses and hacks are very real threats with damaging consequences: the average downtime from a ransomware attack is 33 business hours. But, that is just getting back up and running, the true cost of financial loss, damage to reputation and even fines is often unmeasurable.

Any cyber attack on your business will lead to a loss of customer trust which can spell disaster as today’s customers need to know that they can trust you to handle their data.

You don’t have to be a major brand or company either for a cyber attack to really impact your business. Even the smallest attack on your website could result in your site running so slow that customers can’t access all of your site. These denial of service attacks (DoS) are frustrating for customers who soon give up and move on to buy from your competitor’s website that is working, making it frustrating for you too.

The biggest problem is hackers are smart and for those who need a little help the dark web offers up all the instruction and tools necessary to hack into almost any website. The pandemic has also had an impact, cyberattacks are up 37% as hackers have more time and currently roughly one in every 131 emails contains malware (suspicious software)!

A hacker gaining access is only the start off the problem, once they are in they can literally cause havoc. Their goal will soon play out, be it to bombard your website with so much traffic to bring it down, to infect or steal sensitive information and data from people who visit the website including your customers credit card details, or simply to post inappropriate content.

If you’ve been lucky and gotten away unscathed all this time, don’t take that for granted, it only takes one compromised email to lock away all your data behind a paywall with a demand for thousands of pounds before the attackers release your data.

Online marketing has offered up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of, however how it works makes it vulnerable to attack. The key is to know what the threats are, the damage they can do, and how to overcome and prevent them.

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