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Did you know that there are 4.75 billion pieces of content shared by Facebook users daily? With so much content across the internet, the challenge is creating original content that resonates with your audience that will make you stand apart from your competitors. Providing credible, well-researched and authoritative content is time-consuming and we have supported clients as they juggle the myriad of challenges that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

ThinkinCircles can act as your outsourced content marketing agency with bespoke content created for your B2B and B2C campaigns. Creating, publishing, and distributing optimised content for your recruitment audience is one of our niche specialties. Content marketing can cover a multitude of formats that include social, video, blog, and long-form content, which all stimulate engagement with your company.

ThinkinCircles will not just create original content for you, we will build your unique content marketing strategy. Content will be strategically levered to drive profitable outcomes. We will build your content calendar, write the tailored content, define the best distribution channels, execute and report key metrics.

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