Content and its importance for SEO

People talk a lot about the importance of content for SEO, but in such a broad topic it can be difficult to pin down exactly what ‘content’ means to different people, and why it is so crucial for your search rankings and site traffic.

In fact content encompasses everything you publish online – including your own website, your ‘about us’ page, product descriptions and service pages, news updates and press releases, and also non- text content like images, videos, audio files and anything else you create and share.

You can share content elsewhere too, on social networks – for example by tweeting an infographic or adding photographs to a Flickr account – or by publishing an article on an industry news site or as a guest blog post on a third-party blog.

So what does all of this do for your SEO?
On-page text is still a crucial factor in helping the search engines, and especially the main contenders Google and Bing, to identify the topics your website is relevant to, so there is still huge value in publishing authoritative plain-text content with your main topics in the page title or subheadings.

Your website is perceived as having more authority if more people link to it too, so engaging content that people are likely to share elsewhere online is a good thing; just don’t be tempted to pay someone to link to you, as this can get your search ranking penalised by Google.

Mobile-friendly content is a specific benefit to your ranking in searches made by people using mobile devices, so ensure your content is published using a page template that scales well to small screens.

And finally, when publishing content such as infographics to third-party websites, be sure to include your website URL or company name in a place where it cannot easily be cropped out, so you will continue to receive extra visitors to your website if your marketing ‘goes viral’ and gets shared beyond the places where you initially publish it.

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