All you need to know about B2B marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the latest buzzword and must have marketing tool for businesses, but what is it all about and is it worth investing in?

Well, a marketing automation system is state-of-the-art software that affords a business a panoramic view of all the activity of their prospects, leads and customers.

How? By tracking all their interactions across all touchpoints, including social media, adverts, phone calls, emails and the websites they visit, the software can generate actionable insights from the data collected.

Insights that can inform your business of how much time a lead or customer has spent on your website, the pages and items they looked at and at what point of their journey they left or abandoned their shopping cart.

The detailed data allows for intelligent customer profiling and targeting with prospects, leads and customers only receive relevant, appropriate content and messaging that changes to reflect their personal responses or behaviours.

Imagine being able to recognise the hottest leads and prioritise them, deliver a personalised customer experience and automate repetitive marketing workflows and tasks. This would allow your business to make more prudent business decisions, enrich your customer experience, and enhance productivity and revenue.

The information provided by marketing automation software is priceless to a business as it can prioritise where your sales team spends its time, heavily reduce poor lead quality and create higher conversion rates.

A business can even segment their leads using various factors and call to actions such as location, stage of the buying cycle or even buying preferences.

Within seconds of a prospective customer performing certain actions, such as subscribing to a newsletter or abandoning a shopping cart, they can become part of a planned strategy that keeps them as a warm lead.

Conventional bulk email campaign can also become a thing of the past as the automation software offers a more advanced email marketing campaign option that can ‘drip’ feed personalised emails according to individual customer preferences and specific actions.

The data provided by marketing automation software can also gauge the performance of your marketing activity and generate KPIs against them and more importantly knowing what is working and what needs changing.

Maximising customer satisfaction, engagement and retention levels can become a reality as your marketing automation tool can be integrated with any CRM software and you can even schedule automatic social media postings.

The investment your business makes in marketing automation software really can pay dividends as your prospects, leads and customers can be nurtured without any manual intervention, reducing your burden of repetition.

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