3 Innovations That Are Changing Job Boards

In today’s market, finding the best talent for a position is a challenge for employers. The digital revolution has transformed the approach to recruitment, with many employers moving away from traditional job boards and job websites in favour of a host of new innovative recruitment tools and technologies that are available.

These include Artificial Intelligence (AI), programmatic advertising and targeted advertising. Organisations that make the most of these tools can ensure they are widening their talent pool and hiring the best candidates.


Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is already playing a vital role in the way organisations find new talent. As one of the most labour intensive tasks modern organisations have, AI could help by doing a large portion of the hard work involved in recruiting and could change the game forever.
AI is extremely good at streamlining processes, so it makes sense that it has found a use in the world of recruitment, but how can AI be used in recruitment? Here are a few AI tools that can be used to

  • Chatbots – a good chatbot can quickly assess candidates, secure suitable candidates and direct them to the right role for them. They are particularly useful tool when a job advert has had a large number of applicants and has the potential to save employers a lot of time
  • Sentiment Analysis – sentiment analysis is a computer program that can be used to identify biased language in job descriptions or job adverts. The program analyses a job posting and creates a report of suggested amends that can be used to adjust job specs to remove biased or off-putting language
  • Talent Rediscovery – Applicant tracking systems use AI to scan your data records to find previous candidates that were unsuccessful but may fit the bill for your latest vacancy. Applicant tracking systems are rapidly becoming a leader in recruitment software


Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic advertising is the process of using technology instead of people for buying, placing optimising job adverts. Taking this approach ensures that your job adverts are seen by the right people, at the right time and on the right job sites. It achieves this by using big data, targeted job ads, real-time bidding and campaign optimisation.
Taking this approach means that your job adverts have the potential to be served to anyone on the internet that meets your target audience rather than limiting your search to a few select job sites.

This not only expands your reach, it can help you get actionable insights, reduce your spend on recruitment and strengthen your employer brand. Many of the programmatic job advertising platforms now also integrate with application tracking systems, which means unsuccessful candidates this time can be kept on file for future suitable positions as part of your talent rediscovery approach.


Targeted Advertising
Targeted advertising ensures that your job advert is only shown to people that meet the specifications of your job. This can be based on location, experience, qualifications and skills.
Targeted adverts can be used as part of your programmatic advertising strategy or it can be used on other platforms such as LinkedIn.
By targeting only the people that are qualified, live within a commutable distance or have the right experience and skill set for the job, you can be sure that you are only spending money on advertising
your job to people that meet the specifications.
Targeted ads can also help you strengthen your employer brand presence in front of the types of candidates you want to attract. This raised awareness of your company and your employer brand will help to increase the desire to work for your company amongst the very people you are targeting and want to employ.

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