Digital recruitment can help find ambitious candidates

Many of us only look for a new job when we absolutely need one – but digital recruitment can help place candidates in the role they want, and not simply in one that they need.
You might imagine that there is little difference between the two, but if you took on your current role because you were out of work, there’s a good chance you compromised on something, whether it be the length of your commute, your willingness to work evenings and weekends, or simply your rate of pay.

Newly published figures from OnePoll reveal the extent to which this is the case within the British workforce – or at least, within a representative sample of 1,000 Brits who were asked about their job satisfaction.
Only 22% said they are in their ‘dream role’, although a reassuring 70% said they like their job in general.
But 24% say their salary is the “worst part” of their job, and 15% of those in admin and computer-based roles would prefer to spend more time away from their desk.
This is reflected by the 10% of home-based workers and 10% of people in active roles who said they would give their job a rating of ten out of ten – further highlighting how escaping the shackles of a desk job can boost satisfaction levels considerably.

Digital recruitment could help those with the requisite skills to move into a position with a little more flexibility, allowing employers to benefit from a happier workforce in general.

Modern technology is making it easier for all types of people to ‘work from anywhere’, and digital recruitment can help you to access candidates with the particular skillset you desire.
With 39% of people saying they will be job-hunting this year, and 84% seeking a higher salary, it’s a good idea to advertise vacancies as widely as possible, to tap into the pool of available candidates and ensure there is considerable competition for the role at the salary you are willing to pay.

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