10 Years Of Recruitment Marketing

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About 15 years ago a boy had a dream, a dream of running his own business. It took that boy another 5 years to get his act together, but he eventually set out into the big wide world of recruitment marketing.

10 years ago I started ThinkinCircles!

The first year it was just me, taking on any work that I could. It was rough! After 6 months I started applying for ‘proper’ jobs, but I gave myself a good talking too and managed to survive the first year. That’s when I met Richard Blamire, who got stuff done that I never had the talent to do myself.

Now ThinkinCircles | Recruitment Marketing has 6 amazing team members and looking for number 7.

I want to thank Russell Thompson and Miles Hunt for their support and advice over the years. It’s been invaluable. I also want to thank all our current and past clients for putting their trust in us, sometimes it was unfounded but we did our best.

There are many others over the years that have had a part to play in our success, too many to mention here but they know who they are.

Bring on the next 10 years!

From James Whitelock, Managing Director ThinkinCircles

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